AntzCapital’s team of weathered experts provides financial and technical support for up-and-coming crypto projects

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About Us

Win-win is our mission.

We help crypto projects get off the ground by providing the necessary skillset and experience at the earliest stages of blockchain development. The technical know-how in raising nodes and ensuring maximum network uptime has cemented our reputation as a reliable Validator for many projects.

We help investors find promising crypto projects to support and create robust staking pools. They generate a steady stream of passive income for every member of the pool throughout each staking era.

We help the crypto community expand and take over the traditional financial market, as we believe the future of blockchain hinges on the number of successful projects. Every crypto project we back up is another step towards worldwide financial freedom.

Join the cause and make a profit!

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Our Investments

Even the most promising projects require a boost in the early days. We are here to channel the much-needed investments and help startups take off and turn into successful businesses.


We are Validators for several successful Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain projects. We take part in staking, creating and checking new blocks added to the blockchain. We are proud of our part in maintaining system efficiency and voting.

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